Road rage dashcam: Rat tail man charged after fleeing cops

A rat-tailed road rager who allegedly leapt out of his car and threatened another motorist in Melbourne, only to get the shock of his life when two police officers gave chase, managed to escape on foot — leaving his passenger behind.

Video of the incident, shared by Dashcam Owners Australia, went viral over the weekend with some social media users describing the scenes as “instant karma”.

The clip shows a red VW hatchback moving in front of the car of the person filming as they approach a red light.

A burly Asian man sporting a rat tail, a black hoodie and blue trackies emerges and approaches the car behind, yelling angrily and making threatening gestures.

He reaches the driver window and can be heard yelling expletives and hitting the car.

Suddenly the man turns and sprints back towards his car — with two Victoria Police officers in hot pursuit.

The video ended on a cliffhanger and the man’s fate was unclear.

“Talk about videos that end too soon,” one X user commented.

But Victoria Police has now confirmed to that a 22-year-old Dandenong man has been charged with a number of offences following the incident, which occurred in Clayton on October 27.

“Investigators have been told a man approached a car on the Princes Highway near Clayton Road about 12.30pm in an aggressive manner,” a spokeswoman said.

“As he was remonstrating with the driver police approached the 22-year-old. He ran from the scene leaving his vehicle and passenger behind.”

She added, “He later handed himself in to police and has been charged with criminal damage, unlawful assault and traffic offences. He has been bailed to attend Moorabbin Justice Centre on February 6.”

The viral clip has been viewed more than 320,000 times.

“Bro post-workout is a mad man,” one person wrote.

“The cute little skip at the start,” another said.

“Look, I give him 2/10 for the dance routine when he first exits his car and 9/10 for the panicked return,” a third agreed.

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