Port Botany, Sydney: Pro Palestine activists protest Israeli shipping line ZIM

Pro-Palestine activists have taken to the waters of a major Aussie port after Israeli shipping line ZIM announced it was attempting to dock at Sydney’s Port Botany.

The rally, which began at noon on Saturday, was organised by the Palestine Justice Movement Sydney (PJMS), and spurred the gathering of a large crowd at the Foreshore Boat Ramp.

Dozens gathered at the Foreshore Boat Ramp — some even taking to the water in a bid to deter the ship — calling for a boycott of the “major transporter of armaments”.

“The ZIM shipping line is a major transporter of armaments,” PJMS posted to social media.

“It isn’t welcome in Port Botany, or anywhere people stand against genocide and war crimes.”

It is understood the ship was not at port as its crew had decided not to dock in light of the protest.

Protesters gathered on land and also on jet skis adjacent to the massive container ship, and were heard chanting: “Resistance is justified when Palestine is occupied”.

The rally went ahead on Saturday despite calls from the NSW Premier Chris Minns against any attempt to “block the boat”, as PJMS said.

“I just want to make it clear that living in a free country doesn’t mean that you can walk down to the port and stop lawful trade between Australia and its trading partners across the world,” Mr Minns said to 2GB’s Ben Fordham on Tuesday.

“I didn’t see these people down at the port when it comes down to trade with Cuba or Saudi Arabia or China or any other country where there may be disagreements with or domestic unrest about so they shouldn’t be doing it when it comes down to Israel as well.”

This comes after Israel’s assault on Gaza pushed the Palestinian death toll past 10,000 since October 7.

The White House on Thursday claimed Israel would permit “limited pauses” in its military operations “for humanitarian reasons”.

The death toll includes more than 4,100 children and 2,640 women, with the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres labelling the war zone a “graveyard for children”.

On Friday night violence erupted in Melbourne’s southeast as pro-Palestine and pro-Israel protesters clashed following a suspicious fire at a Palestinian-owned burger shop.

Police deployed pepper spray to break up the scuffle which occurred on Hawthorn Rd in Caulfield.

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