Video of Enrique Iglesias’ latest concert has fans asking ‘what happened?’

Fans of noughties pop singer Enrique Iglesias are asking what happened to the star’s voice, after clips from a recent concert went viral on TikTok.

A clip posted on TikTok by user Ariel Diaz shows Iglesias performing his 2001 hit single Escape at a recent date on his current Trilogy world tour, a triple-bill with Ricky Martin and Pitbull.

The singer, 48, sounds off-key as he struggles to hit the notes in the song, with Diaz captioning the short video: “front row with my mom and I couldn’t stop laughing.”

“Was actively having to control my laughter during Enrique’s set,” she continued.

The video has been viewed almost 10 million times on TikTok, with fans expressing their shock at what they’re hearing.

“Is this an impersonator? What happened to Enrique Iglesias?” one asked.

“I have officially been cured of my 20+ year crush on Enrique Iglesias,” another wrote.

“This cannot be real?” asked another.

“I can’t even imagine what Hero sounds like,” one person mused, referencing Iglesias’ biggest hit, a soaring ballad released in 2001.

Diaz followed up with another video of the show, revealing that it sounds quite good – because Iglesias largely has the crowd sing it for him as a massive singalong.

Fans were flummoxed as to why Iglesias sounded so bad in the clips.

“I looked up his older concerts and he actually sounded great … I don’t understand,” one wrote.

“I just got home and I want a full refund for Enrique’s performance,” said another.

“I want my money back and I didn’t even go,” quipped another.

Diaz later posted another clip from the front row, this time of co-headliner Ricky Martin, in fine voice at 51.

“OK so it’s not tech issues. Cuz Ricky is killing it,” noted one fan, while another said he’d aged “like fine wine.”

Iglesias shocked fans last year when he posted a video of himself getting up close and personal with a fan during a meet and greet at his Las Vegas show.

The singer, who has been in a relationship with former tennis pro Anna Kournikova since 2001, passionately kissed the female fan in the video, his hands wrapped around her hips.

His followers were divided when Iglesias posted the video to his Instagram account, with some proclaiming the fan “so lucky” while others criticised him for disrespecting Kournikova, mother to his two children.

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